Warranty Registration

You can now register the warranty for your TPS instrument, sensor or accessory on-line. Simply complete the details below and click the 'Submit' button at the end.

Hint : Print this form after you have completed it, and retain the print-out for your records. This could be useful should your TPS product require servicing or repair at any stage.

On-line Warranty Registration

Details of Buffer or Standard Solution

The serial number is written on a barcode label, usually on the back of the instrument. It is one letter followed by four numbers, e.g. R1234. The serial number is also displayed by the instrument when it is switched on (not the pH Cube). The C-Tick conformity sticker, with ACN 009 773 371, is NOT the serial number.

Sample of serial number label :

General Details
The fields below are optional. Any details you provide would be most appreciated. The better we know our end-users, the more we can improve our products and service !

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